Modern Vice on Saving NYC’s Garment District "One Shoe at a Time"

Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013 2:00 PM GMT

Photo Credit: Modern Vice

It’s not often you find designer shoes handcrafted in the heart New York City anymore, but Jensen and Jordan Adoni, brothers and co-founders of Modern Vice, are keeping Manhattan’s Garment District alive “one shoe at a time.”

Modern Vice is best known for creating high-end, trendy shoes. The brothers aren’t afraid to design with bright hues, bold structures and sophisticated materials — like snakeskin and pony hair. The Benni Fuchsia Pony style is a perfect example.

Whom do the shoes fit? “It’s hard to define the Modern Vice woman in a box,” says Jensen and Jordan, which is why the brand has such a diverse following. You might hate one pair, and love another, but there’s one feature you’ll find in almost any woman who wears a Vice. “You have to have a sense of fashion and be willing to take some chances if you wear our shoes.”

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While the Modern Vice brothers have certainly raised to fame in the fashion industry, the business isn’t easy. Before a shoe lands on your feet, it passes through over 100 sets of hands, they explain. “And that’s just in our factory alone,” adds Jordan. “People don’t understand the amount of work and handwork that goes into making a shoe.” Yet, after having a closer look at the shoes, it’s hard not to appreciate them for the art that they are.

Check out the video above for an inside look at Modern Vice’s NYC factory and to hear more from the Adoni brothers.

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